Our people

executive Director

stephen kerr

Stephen Kerr is the Executive Director of the CMA Standards Council. He is responsible for the leadership of all aspects of the program, including the day-to-day operations, and working with the Standards Panel to refine, articulate, explain and apply the standards. Stephen has spent his career as a commercial lawyer, and has served on a variety of church and ministry boards and committees.

Standards Panel

The Standards Panel is a committee appointed by the CMA Board, containing both board and external appointments. It is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the Principles and Standards, including approving all applications, interpreting the standards, approving modifications to the Standards, and adjudicating in cases where compliance is unclear.

Vanessa Hall (Chair)

'The Trust Lady'

Marcus Judge

Chair, Christian Surfers International

Jim Rawson

Chair of Power to Change

Jeff Tulk

Audit and Assurance, Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants

Gary Williams

CMA National Director

Penny Mulvey

Chief Communications Officer, Bible Society Australia

Karen Naylor

People & Culture Director, Tearfund Australia and CMA Board Representative

Philip Hunt

Former CEO, World Vision Australia and Hong Kong